Intuitive Leaf Prints – Altar Cloths

Intuitive Leaf Prints – Altar Cloths

Plant dyes infuse cloth with their medicine and blessings.

Through a hands-on exploration of the elements and senses we will create one of a kind altar cloths.

This technique blends natural dyes and leaf prints to infuse the essence of plant color and pattern on cloth. A truly alchemical process that creates beautiful and surprising results. We will tune into our senses and allow intuition to guide the creative process.

We will discuss intuition, our relationships with plants, and the courting and tending of fire.

Each participant will create two uniquely dyed bundles. These cloths will be ritually dyed over the fire and infused with plant medicine. They make potent altar cloths and adornment pieces.

Intuitive Leaf Prints will be shared by Veena West.