Intro to Natural Dyes

dye_magic2The world of color is a vast one. Until recently the magic dyers employed to coax color from nature was carefully guarded. This full day class explores the crossroads of the art and science that inform the practice of making visible the invisible songlines of color from within plants.

This class will be a thorough introduction into the fascinating and ever expanding exploration of natural dyes. We will discuss and introduce mordanting, preparing fibers, modifiers, and dye baths. Using both native and non-native plants growing in the local landscape we will prepare 4-6 dye vats. Shibori inspired techniques of folding, clamping and tying will be demonstrated in order to manipulate fabrics to create patterns and designs. Each student will receive at least one silk scarf to dye and create a sample card to take home for reference.

You may take this class independently or as a part of a series.


Natural Dying will be shared by Veena West