Integration of Altered States

For this skillshare, I am offering an experiential practice and discussion-based workshop on integration of altered states, including both experiences in psychedelic medicine spaces as well as yoga, meditation and breathwork. Experiences with altered states can come in many different varieties, but the importance of integrating the wisdom gained from these experiences is fundamental to the value of this work. I view integration as the process by which the material accessed and insights gained in experiences with altered states are incorporated into our life in a way that benefits both ourselves and our communities.

We will focus the first 60 to 90 minutes going over history and cultural context of altered states in both indigenous groups, in underground therapies and medicine circles, and more recently in modern medicine psychedelic research. We will also include discussion about the implications of appropriation and how to use these medicines and practices in a way that honors the wisdom of our elders and of other communities. For the last hour, we will go through 2-3 experiential integrative practices.


Integration of Altered States will be shared by Emily Willow.