Instructor Applications

Join us and our Skillshare community

Welcome, and thank you for your interest in sharing classes at the upcoming Spirit Weavers Gathering.  We are looking for instructors who are aligned with our vision. If you have skills, knowledge, and wisdom that you are passionate about teaching, we invite you to share with us!    We are sharing our skills with other women in hopes of empowering and inspiring one another. These skills are ones that may have changed our lives and are not ours to hold onto, but learned to giveaway! Please know that many women may be so inspired by your class that they may feel called to share a similar class of their own outside of the gathering at some point in time.  We recommend only applying to teach if you truly feel in your heart that you are called to teach in joyful service to your sisters and to generously share your skills.  Full time teachers receive a travel stipend for each session.   

Our main vision for classes offered at the gathering are earth based skills, environmental and social justice education, womens health & empowerment, sustainability, homesteading and herbalism.  We look for women who have cultivated their spirit, practice, and a passion to share their wisdom and teachings. These women have begun to grow their own roots through years of studies with various teachers and/or mentors and are now open to pass along their craft or skill.

We are looking for earth based skills and offerings in which women can walk away with something physical from your class.  We have a few openings around spirituality and expansion. The classes we select represent skills that may be missing from a modern woman’s education and life experience, but in cultures of the past, represented basic human skills for ensuring the survival of the body and the soul. Fermenting foods, weaving and dying fabrics, singing songs together as a community, the making of plant medicines,  these were common knowledge and part of the simple pleasures of a life lived in beauty and balance. You may, through the generosity of the teachings you share, connect someone with a new skill that becomes a lifelong passion. Our joy comes from helping others find their path. 

We understand that everyone has their own unique story and song and we wish that they all could be shared in our short time together. We have just 50 positions to fill and usually receive hundreds of applications.  Often times, we receive multiple applications for the same or similar class.  We do our best to choose the instructor whom falls most in alignment with the SW vision.  Thank you for taking the time to apply and offer your teachings.


~ Sharing with Spirit Weavers is a commitment!  We ask that if you are chosen as an Instructor at the gathering that you are committed 100%.  We have contracts that we will send along once you are chosen to teach so please make sure you are a strong YES before applying.

~Instructors will need to arrive to the gathering Wednesday June 5th for Sun session and Wed June 12th for the Moon session before 2pm.  If you apply and are are chosen to teach both sessions, please plan on being present the entire length of the sessions from June 5th- the 17th of June.  If you cannot commit to these time frames, it may not be the right time to share with us.

~If you have several classes in mind that you would like to offer, please add them all to this one form.  All classes must be a minimum of 2.5 hours but 3 hours per class session is preferred.

~ Once again, please understand that sharing at the gathering is a commitment and we ask that you meet all deadlines for misc info regarding your shares, classes and fees if applicable over the next 6 months.  Those who honor our deadlines, and show up to the gathering on time and ready to dive in are generally asked back again year after year.

Please know we have a zero tolerance policy for classes that may fall under cultural appropriation.  

~In honoring our inclusivity policy and to make sure the gathering includes a diverse group of women, we encourage all walks of like to apply.


You have demonstrated your amazing teaching gifts and the value of your offerings. You will be asked to teach 12 hours during the gathering, and will receive a small travel stipend, all meals, and our deep gratitude!


You have demonstrated your amazing teaching gifts and the value of your offerings. You will be asked to teach 6 hours during the gathering, all meals, entry to all other classes, and our deep gratitude!  We ask that chosen part time teachers pay a half price ticket of $275.00 due by Jan 15th.  Part time Instructors do not receive a travel stipend.  This position allows you to teach and also take part in many of the classes and activities throughout the gathering.


Because our Yoga & Movement team is quite small and we generally receive an abundance of applications for these spaces, we have decided to invite our 2019 team based on solid instructors we have had from years past.  We will not be taking applications for Yoga, Movement & Meditation this year.  Thank you for understanding.