Honeybee Magick & Medicine

Honey Bees have been practicing civilization for at least 50 million years, sustaining themselves completely on plant medicine. Honeybees, magical and feminine, inspire all that feeds them to grow more colorful, delicious smelling, and nectarious in desire for her sweet attention. How might we learn from this reciprocity?

This class is a journey that begins with story-telling and learning how to make herbal honey-infusions.
We will familiarize ourselves with the life cycles of the buzzing residents of honeybee hives, the magick of what they create from their bodies, and the reverence with which they harvest and give back to the flowering plant world which feeds them.

In speaking to all of their gifts (from pollination services to honey, pollen, wax, propolis, royal jelly) I will share both modern wisdom, and ancient tales, while passing around tasty samples of infused honeys, tinctures, and potions. Together we will discuss how to live in service to what feeds us, how to nurture honeybee habitat, and transform the world around us with lessons from the bee maidens.


Honeybee Magick & Medicine will be shared by Shannon Pritchard