Holistic Pelvic Care and Bodywork with Kate

Kate ColettiHolistic Pelvic Care helps to restore physical and energetic balance to your pelvic bowl and reconnect you to your wild feminine nature. Developed by Tami Kent, pelvic floor PT and author of Wild Feminine, Holistic Pelvic Care (HPC) goes right to the root of your pelvic issues. Kate weaves guided visualization and breath work into a gentle internal bodywork session that aims to unwind tension in the fascia and pelvic floor muscles, release trigger points, and restore energy and blood flow. Holistic Pelvic Care satisfyingly utilizes the spectrum of her skills and experience in midwifery, women’s health and bodywork. She is also happy to evoke the same healing energies while working outside of the body using craniosacral techniques. Women of all ages and stages can benefit from the deep healing that Holistic Pelvic Care provides.







About KateKate Coletti

Kate helps women discover their body’s potential and heal from trauma or birth. She’s been practicing bodywork since 2001, teaching yoga since 2005, and catching babies as a Licensed Midwife in California since 2007. Her private healing practice is based in Sonoma, CA though she loves to take her workshops and healing offerings to women’s gatherings and retreat settings around the country. Women thank her for her openness, the potency of her healing modalities, and her willingness to meet them where they are. Kate’s passion and life’s purpose is empowering women and she is blessed beyond measure to offer the women a resource to prepare for birth and heal from trauma.