Holistic Breast Health

River of Life: Holistic Breast Health::

Self-care is a revolutionary act. As women, it is time we reclaim our health and our bodies. It is time we listen deeply. It is time we become intimate with our own physiology so that we may experience the fullest expression of our vitality. It is time we become embodied and empowered. It is time for radical self care and self love.

The act of creating daily ritual is the most precious gift we can give ourselves. It is an act of deep self- love, one that ripples through all facets of our lives. It nourishes the physical, mental and spiritual while at the same time opening an intimate dialogue with our bodies.

Explore Lymphatic Breast Health though the lens of Ayurvedic Self-Care. We will dive into our inner landscape and begin to understand the importance the lymphatic system plays in self-care and immunity as well as teach some tools to help support lymph flow and blood circulation. We will discuss anatomy and physiology, common health concerns for women as well as contributing lifestyle factors. Together we will come up with creative solutions to our blockages around self- care as well as mind-body medicine techniques to infuse into our daily practice. We will learn how to map the terrain of our breast tissue and holistically care for our breast health. Experience the juiciness that is inspired self-care and empowered women’s health!

River of Life: Holistic Breast Health will be shared by  Anja Robinson and  Jana Cruder