Herbalism As Resistance

Herbalism is an act of social justice. Herbalism connects us with our ancestors, the land, our personal power, animals, the greater ecology, the whole universe. Herbal medicine is centered in connection.
Our dominant culture strives to keep us out of connection. It is dependent on us to disconnect from our center, our self confidence, our boundaries and connection to the greater ecology.

Yet it also depends on systems of oppression to thrive.

In this class we are asked to examine ourselves, our privilege, our entitlement encouraged by late capitalism. We will talk about herbs for emotional resilience for activists, marginalized communities, and all of those affected by the stressors of the dominant culture.

Rachel Burgos will be sharing herbs and opening up conversations pertaining to herbalism such as cultural appropriation, wildcrafting and oppression.

Herbalism As Resistance will be shared by Rachel Burgos