Herbal Poultice Massage

Herbal Poultice Massage

Learn the ancestral art of healing touch with plant medicine bundles, to heal yourself and share with your loved ones. In this in-depth, full day workshop we will dive into herbal abdominal and breast massage for health, womb clearing, massage rituals for birth keepers and emotional energetic clearing through touch and plants.

-awaken your own ancestral connection to herbal poultice massage
-discuss herb selection and intuitive plant wisdom
-learn traditional Thai herbal bundle making
-receive instruction for herbal belly and breast massage
-experience a nurturing ritual exchange, giving and receiving this healing art together
-come away confident to practice on yourself and your loved ones

Our workshop will be a heartfelt initiation. You will gain tangible traditional earth-based healing skills to bring into your life in a meaningful way. If you’re curious to practice professionally, this is the perfect opportunity to experience this work and initiate a path of ongoing study. Healing touch, energetic clearing and earth-based healing are deeply needed on this plant in this moment, join us on this beautiful journey!

Micha learned this practice in a decade of ongoing mentorship with traditional Thai medicine women and Lahu Shamanic midwives, teaching from unbroken lineages. Through their guidance she adapted the practice to work in harmony with bio-regional and personally meaningful plants. This has inspired her to discover the history and widespread use of herbal poultice in ancestral Europe and globally. Micha honors her Thai teachers and gives space for this class can awaken your own ancestral connection to the ritual of placing warm plants on the body with intention.

Micha Merrick will be sharing Herbal Poultice Massage.