Herbal Hair Healing

Herbal Hair Healing


Herbal Hair Healing empowers you to care for your scalp and hair naturally.

In my class you will learn how to cleanse the hair and scalp with gentle clay, flower and herb cleansers that have been used for hundreds of years to clear away dirt, excess oil and buildup while leaving your natural oils intact to nourish your hair and protect your scalp’s microbiome. Learn how herbal hair rinses feed your scalp and hair with essential vitamins and minerals for optimal health. Create a hair care routine that is deeply rooted in intuition and earth based hair care rituals that heal.

Discover how scalp exfoliation and daily hair brushing can not only regulate your scalp’s oil production but also how it can be a radical act of self-care to help regulate your nervous system.

You will leave this class with the skills to start your hair healing journey and how to intuitively adapt to your specific needs (this class is suitable for all hair types). We will create recipes and samples together for you to take with you on your journey.

Jennifer will be sharing Herbal Hair Healing.