Herbal Compress Massage: Thai Traditional Healing for Women

So often massage is considered a luxury spa service, only indulged in on special occasions, but in many traditional cultures healing touch is sacred. a necessary form of daily nourishment, Traditionally, in Thailand, massage was taught in temples, a meditation of loving kindness between giver and receiver. This healing touch is shared as a regular practice at home between family, friends and loved ones. Central to the heart of the Thai tradition for women is the art of Herbal Compress Massage.

Wild medicinal plants are lovingly wrapped in cotton cloth, steamed until warm and massaged into areas of tension and stagnant energy. This technique is especially useful for hormonal imbalance, deep tension and as a spiritual aid to overcome anxiety. I teach practical hands-on herbal massage skills that are surprisingly easy and effective to share, even after a short workshop

In this class you will give and receive this work as a nurturing experience together.

(Women should come wearing comfortable clothing or a bathing suit, A top that is easy to lift or remove, that may possibly get wet with warm herbal water.)


Herbal Compress Massage: Thai Traditional Healing for Women will be shared by Micha Merrick.