Heart & Hearth of Kitchen Medicine

The Heart & Hearth of Medicine – In most traditional cultures , medicine and food are interchangeable parts of our health & emotional & I spiritual wellbeing. Using our own ancestral food traditions we’ll help open doors to for our participants to embrace theirs. The obvious differences & surprising similarities between the food & plant medicine cultures around the world, will inspire folks to seek out their own tradition.

We will discuss how to pursue ancestral food ways, cooking as an herbal preparation, spices & condiments and as medicine, wild foods as healing plants, & gardening as an ancient practice; && create a simple, nourishing medicine food that combines both the traditions of Mexico City & Eastern Finland, which folks can take with them.

We’ll learn how these simple, healing practices can honor our ancestors, heal our relations with the land and our own bodies and the help with healing of the communities all around the globe.

We will also discuss land-connection, food and medicine justice on stolen land, and how to weave different kinds of activism work into the very food we make.

The paradigm shift begins in the kitchen, the hearth of our homes, hearts & ancestors.

We will create a tiny but mighty food medicine for participants to take with.


Heart & Hearth of Kitchen Medicine will be shared with Milla Prince & Damiana Calvario Viana