Healthy Energetic Boundaries

In this workshop we will explore and cultivate being grounded in self, taking up our own space and learning more about healthy boundaries and energetic edges. We will practice mindful ways to establish & maintain our sovereign space. During these powerful and changing times, it serves us all to develop a deeper awareness and commitment to self care and how to best tend to our multi faceted and energetic selves. We will include general references to our moon/menstrual cycles and explore who/ what are the different faces and needs we each cycle through in a single month, even when no longer bleeding. This workshop is especially useful for empaths, coaches, healers, activists, mothers, parents of sensitive children, high powered women and anyone who at times feels at the affect of the world around them and wants to be manage their energy in more powerful and sustaining ways.. Join us in a playful experiential skill-building time together.


Healthy Energetic Boundaries & Self Care will be shared by Layla Centorrino.