Healing the multi dimensional Thyroid

Breaking through the chrysalis of an old paradigm of health
So we can finally spread our wings and migrate to a more wholistic approach to healing the thyroid

In this class we will discuss the important roles that the thyroid plays in the mind, body, and spirit connection. We will spend time sharing and exploring our own stories and journeys in relation to collective Thyroid consciousness.
We will go though a colorful and vivid exploration of thyroid physiology and it’s relationship to the endocrine system. With an introduction to herbal allies, gem essences, healing foods, and movement therapy that have an affinity to supporting the thyroid and throat chakra.
We will also discuss current issues in the western medical system and thyroid hormone support solutions. This class is also useful for people that do not have a thyroid. As we will discover another layer to our healing that is not only physical.
You will be making a gem essence and personal affirmation to take home and continue your practice of multidimensional thyroid healing.
Please bring a journal and a pen for some inner exploration and circle sharing.
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Brittany Mason will be sharing Breaking through the chrysalis: Healing the multi dimensional Thyroid