Heal Women, Heal Earth: Restoring the Matrix of Life

Our disintegration of the feminine within our lives on a collective level has had deep impact on us and our planet. Perhaps we can see this no where no more clearly than when we look at the state of reproductive health & nervous system health. This transcends each individual human body, and bleeds into the systems which support our health & wellness as well as what could be seen as the reproductive & nervous system health of the Earth.

This class will speak to things that we know intuitively and live daily around the element of the Feminine. Many of us know that our health & wellbeing is inextricable from that of the Earth – we cultivate this knowing in women’s circles & birth tending, as well as permaculture spaces & restoration of the soil. This class seeks to tangibly address the threads that weave women’s bodies & the earth together on a physiologic, spiritual, her-storical and cultural level. In a way that transcends compartmentalization of any point on the feminine continuum & the impact that our treatment of the feminine has on ourselves, our families & the local and global community. Through our lived experiences we know deeply the magical space between the spiritual & the mundane – being born, menstruating, growing food, giving birth, menopause, etc. And from this axis point, with a special focus on the Nervous System & the Reproductive System – that of ourselves but also of the Earth, we see how we can create more life-supporting & nourishing structures for generations past & present.

And, truly that the medicine we need is not far off, expensive, abstract or complex – but rather simple, tangible & accessible in every moment.

Heal Women, Heal Earth: Restoring the Matrix of Life will be shared by Marissa Correia


Photo credit: @thegoddessmirrorproject