Harmony Sunshine

Harmony Sunshine


Harmony Sunshine is a ritualistic ceremonialist, a keeper of sacred song and sound, a creative visionary, and a humble guide, here to weave the web of collective connection with a thread of unconditional love.

Harmony’s lineage is rooted in the ancient Israeli bloodline of the Levite tribe. Her matriarchal line is woven by European lineages as well as four grandmothers who were native Cherokee peoples of the Blue Ridge mountains. She derives much of the wisdom in her ways from the archives of her ancestors.

Harmony holds carefully curated in-person and online containers for groups and individuals. She is deeply passionate about the cyclic nature of our humanness and feels in highest service when she is guiding people towards remembering their inherent wholeness, enoughness, and immense capacity to love and be loved.

Harmony has a home base part time in Topanga Canyon, California. She spends at least 6 months a year pilgrimaging to different corners of Mama Earth, attending the school of life as a curious and attentive student. as a student of life. Listening and learning from wisdom keepers of all different lineages and cultures.

Harmony will be sharing Divine Reflections Ceremony