Hand Sewing and Mending

Hand Sewing and Mending

Sustainable clothing designer Angela Sison of Conrado will lead you through the basics of hand sewing and mending your own clothing. In the current time we live in, the world is sucked into the cycle of consumerism. Saving our own clothing from the landfill reduces our impact on the environment by fighting again fast fashion. Hand sewing and mending is a very valuable skill that will save you money, time, your favorite clothes and even your new vintage clothing purchase. We will learn to keep the items in your closet in good condition for years to come.

In this class, we will start with the basics – tools for sewing, basic terminology, and the most essential skill like threading a needle and tying a knot that stays. You will learn a handful of stitches and practice sewing on a stitching template. We will also cover basic mending and repair skills. You will learn to sew on a button, how to repair a tear, apply a patch, and hem your pants.

I will provide some supplies – needles, thread, thimbles, scissors, patches, etc. You are more than welcome to bring your own sewing kit.

Bring along any meaningful garments that need mending or enhancing by hand. Please note that we will mostly be covering how to fix woven fabric in this workshop (denim, linen, cotton, silk, canvas)
You can also bring any small pieces of woven textiles that you can use as a patch.

Each one will receive an individual consultation on how best to mend one garment considering the fabric, fiber, thread, color, lines, techniques, and more.
You will leave the workshop with a stitching sampler, mended garment (in-progress), and a new skill set.

This workshop is suitable for both absolute beginners and more experienced sewers who would like to learn a new trick or two.


Hand Sewing and Mending will be offered by Angela Sison.