Greenwood Spoon Carving

Greenwood Spoon Carving

Traditional European woodwork was accomplished with hand tools, green wood (wood that is still wet), and knowledge of craft & woodland care passed down through generations.

During this two session spoon carving course we will cover skills necessary to fill your home with beautiful and useful wooden objects. From tree to spoon, we will be working with freshly harvested greenwood (wood that is still wet). We will discuss what to look for when selecting wood, tips for spoon design & how to carve with confidence. Learn to safely use an axe, knife & hook knife, technique and carving. Then design and carve your own wood spoon from freshly cut wood using only hand tools and imagination. There may be time to complete both a spoon and butter knife. No carving experience needed.

This course is great for continuing and beginning spoon carvers. We will touch on purchasing appropriate tools, sharpening, and sourcing wood. We hope as well as to spark interest in all the available crafts with green wood.

All the raw materials and tools are provided. Tools will also be available for purchase.

NOTE: Students should be prepared for a physically demanding class that requires stamina, coordination, and physical strength. If there are questions about this or if students have injuries or physical limitations please talk to me at the opening circle.


Greenwood Spoon Carving will be offered by Raleigh Campbell.