Green Witch: Magical Herbs



A Green Witch is someone who practices magic with a focus on nature, working with natural materials like stones, gems, plants, trees, flowers, animals and the elements.

Every single plant, tree, herb and flower will have its own very unique and individual energy and spirit.. We can work with those energies and spirits through magical or medicinal practices. In this class we will focus on different ways to connect and work with plants for magical practice. You will also learn about specific plants and their magical lore and properties. We will discuss the elemental, planetary, astrological and deity associations with plants. Participants will learn how to work with plants in specific ritual and magical workings. It will allow students tap into their own intuition to communicate and create relationships with the plants. Those relationships will be unique to the plant and the individual. We will also discuss the importance of reciprocity and partnership when working with plants. Each student would take home their own magical tea blend.


Green Witch: Magical Herbs will be shared by Jillian Cook