Grandmothers, and our Sacred Feminine

Healing the Matriarchal line
Over hundreds of years the western matriarchal lines have fallen into disarray and our emotional body relegated and controlled. Earth, indigenous wisdom calls us back to our roots of connection, to the strength of the mother and grandmother’s lineage, and to Grandmother Ocean’s reminder of our deep belonging and inclusion into life. From within our cells to the electro magnetic field (Grandmother Spider) we shimmer and connect through cycles, electrical impulses and water. Although only with a gift of a brief moment, together, we can touch the gift of our emotions through the connection to the sacred element of water , mni wiconi With all that it shows and teaches us, we can now take home with us, a core sense of the sacred femenine to unfold alongside and within us to grow strong, beautiful, realized women out into our communities.


Grandmothers, and our Sacred Feminine will be shared by Sarah Bicknell.