Grandmother Gourd

Grandmother Gourd

Imagine yourself inside your own personal grandmother altar…. A place where you can go to be sung to sweetly, have your hair brushed, and feel deeply loved across time and space? Come create your own beautiful grandmother gourd for when you want to be encircled by the warm embrace of your female lineage.

Over the course of the workshop you will reconnect with your female forbears in a process created by artist and Shamanic Minister Paula Springer, who has been making beautiful things with her hands since she was a wee little one learning the skills of her grandmothers, grand-aunts and great-grandmothers. This class intertwines the work of gourd crafting and hand-tinting photographs within a ceremonial frame recognizing the gourd as a symbol of the womb, the feminine vessel containing the cosmos as well as the portal through which lineage extends itself infinitely.

You will decorate the exterior of your gourd, hand-color 8 grandmother / female ancestor photos and create their cosmic interior star-dome. When complete you will be able to look down inside your gourd and see your face reflecting in a little mirror surrounded by your grandmothers. Our closing ritual will symbolically replicate our planetary birth and arrival through the womb.

NOTE: This work requires advance commitment. Sisters who wish to complete the work as pictured must select 4 to 8 photos of female ancestors to take to a copy shop of their choosing for reduction onto card stock in a wallet size. Very specific directions will be emailed to you once you sign up for the workshop.

Grandmother Gourd will be offered by Paula Springer.