Giovanna Garcia

Giovanna Garcia

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Giovanna is a Holistic Nourishment Mentor, Chef, and Ceremonialist. Her personal health journey to heal disordered eating, depression, and learning to navigate being a highly sensitive being has led her to deepen in the exploration and studies of nutrition, holistic culinary arts, spirituality, indigenous ways, energy healing, and emotional and mental health for the past decade. Dance, poetry, song, and reconnecting with Mother Earth have also been important practices of self-acceptance and transformation on her path.

Giovanna grew up in both Sonora, Mexico and Arizona. In her quest to connect with part of her indigenous roots, she has traveled in Mexico and Guatemala to learn about their ancient ceremonies and medicines. She has been working with cacao medicine for the past 9 years, first through starting a superfood chocolate company, and then specifically cacao ceremony for the past 6 years as she felt a deeper resonance with the spiritual connection to the plant. Giovanna was Paola and Gustavo’s first formal student in Mexico in 2016. Cacao medicine continues to be a guide on Giovanna’s path and has weaved her way into many of her offerings. Giovanna is currently completing her training as an Ajq’ij (the one who walks with the sun) with her Mayan teachers from Guatemala.

Giovanna’s work and service is in guiding women back to their innate Divinity and wholeness through heart-awakening ceremonies, self-expression, and whole nourishment mentoring. She believes that sitting in loving presence with others is one of the most healing practices there is.

Giovanna will be offering Cacao Ceremony.