Gina Baiamonte

Gina is a florist, artist, calligrapher, yoga teacher, reiki healer, moon ceremony facilitator and creator weaving the paths between healer and artist via the magic of flowers and the powers of the moon. Inspired by my mama and deepened by a trip to Peru, I listened to my intuition and began studying floral design. This made the universe happy and then Bloom Generation was born. It started with weddings and events and the study of the language of flowers. From here the dimensions kept opening. Gina is currently diving deeper into the studies of floral healing, via herbalism, tincture making, shamanic bath rituals, and the medicinal powers of plants and flowers. In deepening her knowledge of the roots of this calling, the ancestral knowledge is tingling. Gina is called to blend the healer and artist inside and has a strong purpose in helping awaken that in others.

You can find out more about Gina through @BloomGeneration and


Gina will be sharing Bloom Bouquets and Nature Wreaths