Future Woman

The Fierce and the Surrendered Feminine: Life Tools for the Future Woman
Knowing when to be Fierce and when to Surrender!

Workshop contents include: Who and what is the Future Woman? What does she have to show us about our lives? How can the embodiment of her attributes support and enrich our world?

In this 1 day workshop MiraMichelle deftly weaves a mixture of shamanic
practices and quantum techniques to support the transformational process of deeper awareness and healing of the female psyche. Two of the 7 living core archetypes of womanhood are introduced: the modern & future woman archetypes. Through the doorway of these
archetypal attributes the workshop investigates and experiences
how owning the states of fierceness and surrender can empower and
fuel ones life purpose.
The setting is a consciously working and creative sister circle. The circle work of women, which has the potential to create deep experiential self understanding, is not only an extremely valuable tool for self evolution but also for planetary healing.


Future Woman will be offered by MiraMichelle.