Flower Essences for Transformation & Healing

Flower Essences for Transformation & Healing


This workshop is an introduction to flower essences and is good for anyone looking to work with plant medicine beyond a relationship of consumption .

We will get into the nitty gritty basics and talk about what it looks like to build a relationship with plants that calls us home to our lineages, is a dialogue with the land we live on and brings us into reciprocity in our medicine making and healing .

The questions we’ll explore in our time together are :
What are flower essences ? How can I make them? How do I know they are working ? How do I use them in my own healing and with my family or community?

We will practice working with flower essences to feel into our intuition , connect with our ancestral lineages and explore working with plants as partners to support healing and transformation.

Phelicia will be sharing Flower Essences for Transformation & Healing.