Fleur Heaton
Ancient Earth Medicine & Flower Magic

Fleur Heaton
Ancient Earth Medicine & Flower Magic

Learn to tune into the land around you. Using the most sacred element of water, leaves and flowers to create a energy tonic.

Learn about:
Tuning into the land and your own body, activating your own unique wisdom and knowing
The element of water – using this for prayers and healing
Prayer – we will create a group prayer and intention
Learn flower magic
How to make daily light tonics for healing, love and beauty
How the body responds to energy medicine
Tuning into the plants around your so you can make this for yourself daily.
Making a group Flower & Elemental Blend to infuse with prayer and drink over the Spirit Weavers gathering



You will need to gather – known edible flowers, and leaves from your area, or Dried versions of Hibiscus Flower, Rose, snowy chrysanthemum. Universal herbs that could be intuitively collected prior could be motherwort, nettle, mullein, blossom flowers – make sure that you know what your plants are as you will be asked to introduce these in circle. If you don’t know then please gather rose, hibiscus flower so that you have plant materials for your beauty tonic.

A large jar, crystals of choice

Optional – Sound bowls.