Conscious Fertility: Natural Family Planning Method

This class will introduce you to the Sympto-Thermal Natural Family Planning Method. A healthful way to bring awareness and attention into the biological events which create the fertility language. It is a handy tool to collect personal data that denote the fertility with accuracy (contraceptive of 98% effectiveness). Is used to prevent or promote natural pregnancy and to find valuable information about hormonal health.

How effective is the method?

Is a very safe natural planning way since it combines several natural methods. It is based on everyday observation, interpretation, and recording the fertility signs of the body: the cervix position, examination of the fluids and the rise and fall of the basal body temperature (BBT) that accurately determine the opening and closing of the “fertile window.” Is based on evidence and scientific research that shows a range of 99.6% effectiveness with perfect use and 98.2% with typical use. For reference, the contraceptive pill has a 99.7% efficiency rating with perfect use and 92% with regular use. However, the STM requires a learning stage and the efficiency rating depends on a solid comprehension of the body fertility signs and the rules of the method to know how to apply them.

Who is this class for?

* Women with long, short, regular, irregular and anovulatory cycles.

* Women during lactation, postpartum, pre-plenopause.

* Highly recommended for those who want to quit hormonal contraception.

* Women regardless of relationship status or sexual orientation.

– STM can be used along with your actual birth control method; you can combine it with any other method to amplify its effectiveness near to perfection.

* It is not ideal for women who work night shifts.

Welcome all, knowing your body with depth always is excellent medicine!


Conscious Fertility: Natural Family Planning Method Class will be shared by Manuela Varela Garay.