Fertility Awarness Method

What is Fertility Awarness Method?
It is the most complete and effective natural planning method since it combines several natural planning methods in it.
It is based on the every day recording of the changes in the cervical fluids and in the basal body temperature to accurately determine the opening and closing of your “fertile window”. The presence of cervical fluid “egg white” opens the fertile window, and a sustained increase in basal body temperature (combined with the drying of cervical fluid) closes the fertile window. This information can be used to prevent or get pregnant, and also offers valuable information about hormonal health.

How effective is it?
The Sintothermic Method is based on evidence and scientific research that shows a range of 99.6% effectiveness with perfect use and 98.2% with typical use. For reference, the contraceptive pill has a 99.7% efficiency rating with perfect use and 92% with typical use. However, it is important to remember that the effectiveness rating of the Method depends on the user having an understanding very complete about the rules of the method and how to apply them.

Time: 3 classroom hours and a monthly meeting for 2 consecutive months through skype or Zoom after attending the workshop. This is to answer questions and make sure that the participants understood the correct use of the method after filling out their graphs during this period of time.


Fertility Awarness Method will be shared by Manuela Vavarela-Garay