Eve Bradford

Eve Bradford is an educator, curator, writer, artist and certified practitioner in the Mogadao Lineage. Her work intentionally dissolves conventional boundaries between art, activism and magic, while weaving connectivity between the intelligence of our bodies, hearts, minds and intuition. Her primary purpose in life is to create experiences that cause people to come radically alive. She has spent the last 15 years producing groundbreaking events, making experimental performance and film, building community, apprenticing to traditional earth based ways of living, writing poetry and creating feasts. She is the co-director of the Compass at Lightning in a Bottle and the co-founder of Living Village Culture with Isis Indriya, with whom she leads a wide variety of workshops and retreats based in ritual and creative practice and sacred activism.

She currently resides in a tiny casita outside Santa Fe, NM where she is deeply engaged in the study and cultivation of Daoist martial, erotic, healing and scholarly arts at the Mogadao Institute.


Eve Bradford will be sharing Reclaiming Eros: From Practice to Purpose