Erica Ekrem

A child of the South Dakota prairie, Erica was shaped by the quiet strength of flatlands, by stories her grandmother told her during long, northern winters, and by her parents who raised her in intimate relation to nature.

Erica is a ​mother, ​designer, instructor, writer, and artist. She offers freelance graphic design to small business & nonprofit organizations​ such as For The Wild​, and empowers others through skill sharing and transformational retreats​ via Sisters of the Tide​. She urges participants to contemplate their impact on the environment, to honor those who have come before, and to choose environmentally supportive practices. She is a student of tea ceremony and a traditional folk-style bookbinder. Her ode to nature, Book of the Sea, was featured in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC.​ She is currently writing her second bookbinding tutorial with Lark Crafts publishing.​

At the heart of her offerings​ (​ lays an unwavering reverence for Nature paired with a fierce will to protect plants, animals, & places still wild.

Erica Ekrem will be sharing The Ancient Art of Bookbinding