Emily Hexe

Emily Hexe

Emily Hexe is an intellectual mystic who lovingly holds Tarot as a mirror to reflect the wellspring of intuition available to us all. With an alchemical balance of wisdom, compassion, humor, and sass, Emily illuminates the truths within the Arcana, offering clarity and insight for our collective experiences of being. Having studied Tarot for over a decade, her relationship to the cards is heavily influenced by her somatic dreamwork practice. Emily lives part-time in the liminal, non-linear realms, and is fluent in translating the language spoken by the Archetypes—
her readings weave a map of the relationships between the cards with a freestyle poeticism and sense of humor, and she will meet you wherever you are with a radical open heart.

Emily identifies as a queer, anti-capitalist intersectional feminist. She is committed to deconstructing the oppressive binary systems in her work surrounding Tarot, dream studies, and beyond.

When not at Spirit Weavers, Emily can be found in her Geodesic Yome on a mountaintop in occupied Abenaki/Pocumtuk territory currently called Southern VT, where she spends her time chopping wood, carrying water, writing, offering Tarot readings, and helping on her sister’s farm.

She is a current somatic dreamwork apprentice of Leslie Ellis and previously studied Embodied Imagination through an apprenticeship with Robert Bosnak. She has also studied with Robert Moss, Rachel Pollack, and Pam Ciampi.

Emily Hexe is teaching Tarot Lovers’ Sharing Circle, Tarot Cartography, and is offering Intuitive Tarot & Dreamwork in the Healing Village.