DanzaMedicina- Reclaim your wild and sacred feminine essence

DanzaMedicina is Sacred Healing Journey towards the Wild and Sacred Feminine Essence – a metaphor for the dance of  life in the form of movement. An embodiment of the timeless, instinctive and Intuitive Wisdom in this never ending cyclic spiral of growth and decay, building up and letting go, energy out and energy in; life, death and rebirth.

DanzaMedicina gently takes you by the hands and pare back your layers. It moves together with your emotions, feelings, memories, thoughts, believe systems and patherns; inviting you to dive into the depths of yourself. This is an invitation for you to dance with different facets of your being; reawakening the aspects of your womanhood that were lost, rejected, neglected, wounded or forgotten during your life journey- gathering together fragmented parts of your soul into a new sense of wholeness, fulfilment and authenticity.

Take off your shoes, loosen up your clothes, untie your hair, lay down your masks, face your deepest fears, embrace your shadows and let go of victimization or justifications; embrace yourself and each other; remembering the power, the beauty and ancient ways of the feminine.

Feel yourself flooded with the fertility of your Body, Mind and Spirit. Let the Moon guide you into the mysteries of our Cyclic Nature while dancing with the Earth, Waters, Fire, Air and Ether, Mother Earth and Father sky; all within you.

Close your eyes and see, take a deep breath. Invoke. We open this sacred space for holding your sacredness. Move your body as never before; honor the sacred temple of your body, your pleasure, your sexuality, your beauty, your caos. Hear howls, screams, sighs and silence, hear the ancient wisdom whispering in your ears, remember. Hear the calling; open your chest, rise up your head, look forward and make the next step towards the unknown, in surrender and trust.

Rise into your Authentic Self responding to your deepest desire for reconnection and empowerment!



Morena Cardoso is the visionary and founder of DanzaMedicina- a project that empowers women to remove their masks, face their fears, embrace their shadows, and peel down the layers to their sacred and wild essence.

Born in Brazil, Morena follows her path to self-discovery by walking barefoot on sacred lands, searching for healing arts and native communities- sharing these teachings about the feminine ancestral wisdom with a community of over 20,000 people throughout the world.

As a healer- a midwife of newborn awaked women- Morena devotes her life leading DanzaMedicina Workshops around the globe- bringing her open eyes, heart, arms and a willingness to share, heal, to support, to connect; bringing her sacred artifacts, drums, traditional medicines, sacred songs, tales, mysteries, and the various expressions of the divine and wild feminine.