Embodied Breast Health

Embodied Breast Health

We invite you to a Ceremonial Workshop designed to re-vitalize and up-level your Embodied Breast Health. Come learn how to give your breasts the love and nourishment they crave. With Abigail Hinds of: wombweaving.com 

IG: @whalewombweaving   


This workshop includes ~ ~ ~ 


 ♡ Teaching on the lymphatic system in the breasts from an elemental Ayurvedic perspective ~ how these vital rivers flow through our chests, affecting our health and emotional body. How to care for these channels to keep your lymph rivers flowing and healthy.


♡ Connect with Ayurvedic self-care tools and Priestess sensual practices that support change and prevent disease. We will touch on diet, lifestyle, and herbal solutions to keep the breasts and lymph in optimal health.


♡ Counsel of the heart ~ speaking to the reclamation of this culturally loaded area of the body ~ sharing new ways of relating to our chests that are empowering, nourishing and connective.


♡ Guided embodiment journey with your own breasts to renew your personal relationship with this area. Discovering ~ touching with tenderness ~ presence, curiosity, play ~ moving through pain stagnation and freeing up energy.