Earth Regeneration with Fungi

Earth Regeneration with Fungi

Earth Regeneration with Fungi: Healing Land & Water through Mycoremediation

There is deep grief shared with the Earth and it’s inhabitants whom are suffering from complex, intersectional issues amidst the anthropocene. Of the many ancient, Earth-originating solutions we can turn to for support, fungi have proven to be some of the most profound & promising. Fungi have been maintaining sacred balance in Earth’s ecologies for eons, and they continue to do so in miraculous ways. How do we work alongside them to uplift their inherent healing capabilities?

Mycoremediation is a form of Earth stewardship in which we ally with fungi to help decontaminate the environment and catalyze ecological regeneration. Observed again and again in a diverse array of situations, fungi have robust chemical capacities to break down some of our most harmful and bio-persistent human-made pollutants. Whether increasing the filtration capacity of a grey water system, helping to degrade petroleum hydrocarbons in post-fire ecologies, sequestering heavy metals from agricultural fields, or restoring balance to degraded soils, fungi are key elements in facilitating systemic and holistic healing to the lands and waters with which we live.

In this class, we will explore the science and spirit of mycoremediation & mycoforestry, cover a diversity of experiments & case studies, speak on my research in post-fire mycoregeneration and other radical, grassroots, accessible ways you can apply mycoremediation in your home and community.

Taye Bright will be sharing Earth Regeneration with Fungi: Healing Land & Water through Mycoremediation.