Earth Consciousness; Mushroom Medicine, Feminism and Fungi

Have you been curious about mushrooms? You’re not alone— they’re mysterious, wonderful, and capable of breaking up and breaking down even the most toughest matter. Mushrooms are what’s seen of an unseen, intelligent connection. Mushrooms are breaking through the tough concrete psyche of popular consumer culture, emerging as teachers and healers, showing the way to a new world built through connection and sharing, while decomposing what’s no longer useful.. In this class we will discuss the most researched medicinal mushrooms and their proper use and function, as well as the common local species of medicinal mushrooms available. The spiritual roles of mushrooms will also be shared, and how these medicines allow of authentic being as a result of deep healing connection. Finally, what is the connection between fungi and the feminine? We will explore these ideas together as seekers of magic, healing, and connection at Spirit Weavers!


Earth Consciousness; Mushroom Medicine, Feminism and Fungi will be shared by Dolly Birch