Dreaming with the Ancestors

Dreaming with the Ancestors ::: Active Dreaming for Connection with our Beloved Dead

In many traditional and indigenous cultures, dreaming was a vital source of survival information, spiritual guidance, connection to the ancestors, and a source of inspiration and contact with the spirit world. Active Dreaming techniques, created by renowned Dream Teacher and author Robert Moss, provide a safe and accessible way to explore a connection with our ancestors. These profound practices are simple and easy-to-learn, and can help anyone explore the messages their dreams are sending and bring back practical information for daily life.

Using the core techniques of Active Dreaming, Lightning Dreamwork and Dream Re-entry, we’ll explore dreams of our beloved dead, our far ancestors and ancestral lineage. Dreams of the departed often hold potent messages, as well as practical guidance. We’ll use Lightning Dreamwork to quickly distill our dream’s message. Aided by shamanic-style drumming, I will lead the group back into the landscape of their dreams to gather more information, dialog with dream characters, and practice extending their dream to try out new possibilities. Each participant will come away with practical tools to continue working with their dreams and tips for bringing this information into their daily lives.


Dreaming with the Ancestors will be shared by Tenaya Amelia