Dream Lodge

The Dream Lodge

There is a realm just beyond our waking life where very different rules for time, space, and experience exist. It is a place full of stories and adventure told through a language of symbolic messages, helpful allies, and fantastical lands. This realm is accessed through our dreams and for the  especially attuned- through waking life as well. Dreaming and the tradition of dream work has been a central spiritual practice of many ancient cultures from around the globe. Unfortunately, this powerful tradition has fallen by the wayside in most contemporary societies due to a misconception that dreams are simply meaningless hyperbole generated by the mind.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Thankfully, many folks are remembering the ways and welcoming this mystical gift back into daily practice. Through a devoted relationship with the imaginal realm, those adept at deciphering the language of their dreams are bestowed a gift of incalculable value for both their individual path and the collective unfolding. For it is in dreams that we glimpse the nature of the multiverse, our place within the cosmic story, and the interconnected energies / archetypes that weave every living being together. By collecting and interpreting dreams, we are in direct dialogue with spirit, and in deep communication with our heart. When we are aligned with our heart & spirit, we show up in the world animated with universal wisdom and live more aligned with the greater cycles while in service to the heart of being. This brings forward more love, compassion and empathy for all beings and can cultivate radical transformation within and without.

The Dream Lodge, a new addition to the Spirit Weavers Village, has been created to celebrate the rich history of dream work and bring the traditions of dreaming cultures to the gathering.  The Collective Dream Ceremony offers folks a unique opportunity to practice collective dreaming overnight and then awake to connect and share with one another in a morning dream circle.  Dreamers of all levels and experience are encouraged to participate.

Collective Dream Ceremony:

Each evening the Dream Lodge will welcome new participants at 8 PM. The night will begin with a meditation for centering and creating sacred space. Once settled, a discussion about the history of dreaming across cultures,  dream recall practices & plant medicines for dream induction, the ethics of dream work, as well as tips for harnessing one’s dreams for creativity, healing and community building will be shared.

At 9:30 PM an herbal elixir conducive to dreamtime will be served before settling in for a meditation that opens the energy system and relaxes the body into slumber, linking everyone together into an incubation for collective dreaming. Throughout the night participants will be welcome to quietly write down dreams with dim lights if they awake with one remembered.

At dawn (6 AM) participants will be awoken with gentle sounds to usher in a slow rising process. Everyone will have a silent half an hour to tune in and write down their dreams. At 6:30 AM we will join together for tea and a reflective circle for sharing the visions and stories from our collective dream time experience.

At 8 AM the gathering will lovingly conclude with a departure for breakfast and morning announcements.  Participants may leave their bedding in the Dream Lodge until after their morning classes. However, they must remove their bedding between Noon and 3 PM that day in order to make space for the next evenings participants.

Dream Lodge Housekeeping:

From 12:30 PM until 3 PM each day the lodge will be reset for the next evening. New participants will deliver their bedding for the night, and previous participants will remove their bedding.

Dream Lodge Requests:

Participants should bring a journal for note taking, personal talismans, and altar offerings.

Age Limitations: The Dream Lodge welcomes guests 11 Years Old and up. Special requests and considerations can be made to include younger children. Since this is the first time facilitating the Dream Lodge, we want to be mindful about everyone’s comfort and ability to sleep through the night while also providing the opportunity for mamas with older children to participate.


Devin Febbroriello

Born in a small town in rural Connecticut, Devin Febbroriello arrived into childhood with an expansive relationship with the imaginal realm and dreamtime. Often teased for confusing reality with her dreams she quickly discovered the arts as a safe haven and earthly bridge for all the unseen magic pulsing just beyond our waking life. Born with a natural capacity for lucid dreaming, psychic intuition, and empathic sensitivities – it wasn’t until early adulthood that she became aware that these were unique gifts to be cherished, further explored and expanded. Once firmly rooted in a mystic path an awakening & healing process quickly began (and continues) to unfold taking her in new directions.  Devin has since devoted her life to the study of sacred sight, mythology & storytelling, energy healing modalities, meditation, plant medicine, mystical & artistic traditions from India, Tibet, Italy, Japan, China, and the Americas.  All the while expanding her skillset and output as a filmmaker, writer, and artist. Most recently, Devin has been studying with Robert Moss as well as practicing Tibetan Dream Yoga techniques. Deepening her personal practice, and expanding her knowledge of the ancient traditions of dreaming revealed that a devoted path holds incredible potency for an acceleration of both individual and collective awakening. As well as a joyful remembering of the playful love and magic imbued in everything!  Devin firmly believes a sense of awe in the nature of reality amplifies our ability to heal, connect and collectively birth a more just society that holds an unshakable reverence for all people, creatures, the earth, and the cosmos.  It is with the highest honor that Devin co-facilitates the Spirit Weavers Dream Lodge to help others reclaim the gift of dreaming as a means to embrace the journey of their lives through inspired wisdom.

Emily Hexe

Emily Hexe is an artist, empath, alchemist, and fourth-generation Vermonter. At a young age, her interests in the intuitive and subconscious called her to investigate and connect with deep personal truths obscured by our modern and patriarchal society. Working with her dreams since age 12, Em found the art of Tarot soon thereafter while exploring the rich multiverse of symbology, alchemy, poetics, myth and archetype. Her work with dreams and Tarot deeply inform one another, and Em channels these vibrations into her creative practice as a writer and artist. Em is a member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, has studied with Robert Moss, and is currently apprenticing with Robert Bosnak. She is the mind’s eye behind “dream-in”, an ever-shifting collective dreaming project, and offers sliding-scale intuitive readings in person and online. Outside of dreamwork and archetypal studies, Em is developing a collection of essays on “Lunar Thinking”, intuitive theory, weaving heart alchemy, and the poetics of place.

Em is grateful to be able to share her wisdom and reverence for Tarot and dreamwork, and hopes to facilitate deep connections within each individual and their innate ability to draw from the well of intuition available to us all.