Doctoring Dreamwork and Tarot with Sarah Maclean Bicknell

Sarah Maclean BicknellDoctoring includes clearing and cleaning chakras, rebalancing the emotional and mental and physical bodies, extraction, retrieval, energy field repair, sound and vibrational work, blueprint, physical ailments compassionate depossession (90 minute session).

Dreamwork is working directly with your night dreams.
Tarot is used around decision making and forward potential and revelation.
Constellation is working with ancestral trauma and diagnosis of and potential heal.
Intuitive Readings are also offered.

Sarah is a versatile healer with a deep capacity to listen to the language of your soul and its unique journey.  Indigenously trained in the healing arts, she helps balance your system with a number of modalities that involve listening, nature, and your own intelligence to unfold what is helpful for you.  She works on the physical, emotional and mental fields to aid and support you into coherence and connection. Sarah is grounded, intuitive, and hands-on, using rattles, sound, energy reading, and careful listening; she also has over 50 years practice as a Tarot reader. Sarah also works with dreaming.


I hr reading/healing session $220 90 min Healing and doctoring session $330