DIY Gynecology

“When hundreds of thousands of us start sharing our stories with friends and relatives, the cumulative effect of our honesty will be like the sun coming out from the clouds.” – Carol Downer

Corinne has been studying the history of the women’s’ health movement from second wave feminist icon Carol Downer, co-author of the women’s home health bible A New View Of A Woman’s Body. Corinne and Carol travel together teaching cervical self exam workshops that empower women with tools to take their health back into their own hands. In this workshop there will be a cervical self exam demo, information about common home remedies, and an opportunity for each woman in the group to share what they know, too!

There are so many powerful healers at this gathering and this is an opportunity for us to learn from one another and participate in the tradition of sharing our knowledge as women on how to care for our bodies. Women are encouraged to bring what they have to share and present to the group : tinctures, stories, secret recipes for treating yeast conditions, books that have helped them, etc. We will be focusing on holistic practices for treating and caring for our physical bodies. Knowledge is power and the more we can teach each other, the more we can help one another heal. The medical industrial complex wants us to think that we are not smart enough to treat or heal ourselves, but with our collective power as women, we can break free from this and reclaim our power!


DIY Gynecology will be shared by Corinne Loperfido