Devin Febbroriello

Born in a small town in rural Connecticut, Devin Febbroriello arrived into childhood with an expansive relationship with the imaginal realm and dreamtime. Often teased for confusing reality with her dreams she quickly discovered the arts as a safe haven and earthly bridge for all the unseen magic pulsing just beyond our waking life. Born with a natural capacity for lucid dreaming, psychic intuition, and empathic sensitivities – it wasn’t until early adulthood that she became aware that these were unique gifts to be cherished, further explored and expanded. Once firmly rooted in a mystic path an awakening & healing process quickly began (and continues) to unfold taking her in new directions.  Devin has since devoted her life to the study of sacred sight, mythology & storytelling, energy healing modalities, meditation, plant medicine, mystical & artistic traditions from India, Tibet, Italy, Japan, China, and the Americas.  All the while expanding her skillset and output as a filmmaker, writer, and artist. Most recently, Devin has been studying with Robert Moss as well as practicing Tibetan Dream Yoga techniques. Deepening her personal practice, and expanding her knowledge of the ancient traditions of dreaming revealed that a devoted path holds incredible potency for an acceleration of both individual and collective awakening. As well as a joyful remembering of the playful love and magic imbued in everything!  Devin firmly believes a sense of awe in the nature of reality amplifies our ability to heal, connect and collectively birth a more just society that holds an unshakable reverence for all people, creatures, the earth, and the cosmos.  It is with the highest honor that Devin co-facilitates the Spirit Weavers Dream Lodge to help others reclaim the gift of dreaming as a means to embrace the journey of their lives through inspired wisdom.

Devin Febbroriello will be Co-Facilitating the Dream Lodge with Emily Hexe