Depth Hypnosis and Ancestor Healing with Rhiannon

Offerings by Rhiannon
DEPTH HYPNOSIS – Depth Hypnosis is a potent healing modality that combines altered state work, shamanic/earth-based healing methods, somatic release, and energy medicine. The weaving together of these powerful healing techniques creates a catalytic method for creating profound shifts and transformation.
To open the session you will state your clear intention and desired outcome of the session we invite your spiritual guides, and higher self, to show us what may be blocking you /or in need of healing in order for expansion and shifts to occur in your life. Guidance will be channeled through Rhiannon’s being, including specific energies to help clear distortions in your field that may be blacking you from authentic clarity.
Spirit will guide us to where/what/when a blockage began. This may include:

    • Hard to access childhood memories
    • Womb/birth experiences
    • Ancestor’s lifetimes (or inherited lineage traumas)
    • Past Lifetimes


Once the cause of a blockage is located Rhiannon will be intuitively guided as to what healing processes from her wide range of tools, and channeled guides/energy that would be most beneficial for you. This can include extraction, auric healing, re-patterning of energy system, soul parts exchange with others, soul retrieval, power retrieval, karmic re-balancing, and more… Everything in the session is co-created together, and there is never any need to give your personal power over to a “healer”. Rhiannon believes we all have the power to heal ourselves, and merely serves as a humble guide for assisting you in navigating the vast inner and spiritual realms.


ANCESTOR HEALING – The Ancestors may very well show up for healing during Depth Hypnosis sessions, but Rhiannon also offers stand-alone Ancestor Healing Sessions for those who feel called to specifically focus on lineage work or healing inter-generational trauma.

Rhiannon’s methods involve accessing the realm of your ancestors through your inner energetic landscape. We will tend to whatever/whoever shows up for healing in relation to your stated desired outcomes. There is no limit to how far back in your lineages timeline these healing methods can access. Using these methods Rhiannon has guided hundreds of clients into healing a wide range of ancestral issues: including trauma residue of war, colonialism, prosecution, trauma to earth and homeland, sexual trauma and abuse, patriarchal abuse of the feminine, grief over childloss, poverty/scarcity, and much more.



Rhiannon is an intuitive channel for spirit. She has the ability to move fluidly between the realms and guide her clients deep into their inner landscape to achieve potent healing results. She is officially certified in Hypnotherapy, Depth Hypnosis, Applied Shamanic Practice, and Spiritual Ministry through the Foundation of the Sacred Stream. She is also a Reiki Master. She has a full-time healing practice in Berkeley, CA where she is honored to work with a diverse range of clients, both locally, and over distance. Her website is