Dejah Gomez

Dejah Gomez

Dejah is a force of nature, committed to nurturing, and building you up, enhancing the  quality of your life, and promoting a heightened state of awareness for greater clarity,  intention, and purpose through music medicine and spiritual healing and counseling. 

An inimitable talent, accomplished and seasoned vocalist with a solid history of  achievement in music entertainment, Dejah, an elegant and soulful vocalist who has  graced TV, Broadway stages, toured supporting legends and icons nationally and  internationally, from the White House to Royal Albert Hall, has expanded beyond music  entertainment.  

With an indomitable spirit, Dejah’s ability to exemplify poise and grace in an ever changing music business, inspired her to explore coalescing her passions of psychology  and music. She now holds safe space, nourishing those who need spiritual, mental and  emotional support, are seeking spiritual growth and development, mental-health and  spiritual well-being.  

As the Founder of Mother Nurture, an intimate group of women, reconnecting with nature  to learn how to nurture, Dejah offers a safe and sacred container for mothers to come  together, be heard, felt and supported as they raise our future generations.


Dejah will be sharing Sound Healing for Self Expression