Deep Tissue Massage Janelle Hardy

JanelleIn Janelle’s words: I cannot speak of myself without speaking of my childhood home. I grew up in the feral northwest of Canada on the traditional territory of the Kwanlin Dün and Ta’an Kwäch’än First Nations in Whitehorse, Yukon. It is a land of small trees and rocky mountains; a landscape that I love with a heart-wrenching and wildly internal yearning.

In the summers, under the endless midnight sun, I spent my time as naked as possible, playing in the dirt, climbing trees and claycliffs and walking river edges with my similarly barefoot barely-clad siblings.

In the winters we lived in varying states of layers – bundled up for the severe cold and snow, then stripping off near the woodstove, encouraged, nourished, and tumbling about with pets, friends and family.

I’ve been forged by life as an artist, writer and solo single mother. I love my daughter fiercely. And flowers and the taste of rich blood-red wine, olives and chocolate – evoking dirt and sex and scorching fire. I love when people curse with fired-up passion. Anything I can dance to. Fairytales. And trees, retreat, quiet time and the blossoming of bruises and scars.

My healing journey has led to studies in cultural anthropology, dance, Hellerwork Structural Integration, multigenerational trauma, the nervous system, plant spirit medicine and more. As I uncover more of my own ancestry (Welsh, Orcadian, Scottish, First Nations and more) I unlearn my patriarchal, colonialist culture. Most importantly, I offer all of this in service to your healing.

Based on her training in Structural Integration, sessions with Janelle combine deep tissue massage focusing on the fascia (known as a conduit for the nervous system and storehouse of embodied memory as well as the stabilizing force of the body) with postural assessment and emotional body awareness. The healing work is deep, integrative and long-lasting. The sessions work on all layers – physical, energetic, spiritual, emotional and mental.

1 & 1.5 hour sessions available. &