Davana May

Davana May

Flower and Flow: Yoga and Aromatherapy

Flower and Flow is a gentle Vinyasa yoga class incorporating the use of Aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is a practice using essential oils to enhance the quality of everyday living and facilitate the healing of mind, body, spirit. Aromatherapy is already a part of our everyday living, although we may not have called it by this name. Everyone who has the sense of smell has had emotional responses to certain scents. Scents keep us connected to the mother earth and is one of our most powerful senses, vital to our survival. Essential oils are gems of nature, the soul of the plant; each drop a precious jewel to be savored, enjoyed, and protected. Like yoga, aromatic plants were used by the most ancient civilizations. Remembering and Awakening to the benefits of yoga and aromatherapy as an art, a science, and a lifestyle is a connection to and a reclamation of our roots.

Davana May, named after the flower used in aromatherapy, is a certified holistic wellness practitioner, herbalist, medicinal aromatherapist, and yoga and Pilates instructor. She shares the healing power of plant medicines with movement, exploring how body awareness, breath, scent, and sound can expand consciousness and initiate new ways of being and perceiving. Davana believes that world peace, balance, and harmony begin in the home, and that home is within. Her inspiration is rooted in the timeless teaching: to be present and to live with love and open our hearts to see the divine in ourselves, in all Beings, and in all moments.

Davana serves as a guide into the mystery, facilitating and holding space in 1:1 sessions, classes, workshops, ceremonies and women’s circles in a range of settings, from yoga studios and festivals to women’s jails and juvenile halls.

Davana currently lives in Dana Point, California with her son Cairo, and partner Aubert.

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