Davana May

Davana May

Davana May, named after the Davana flower, artemisia pallens is here for the global awakening of humanity and the rise of the divine feminine and sacred masculine in creating harmony and balance on this Earth.

After her own dark night of the soul which launched her on her self-healing journey, she connected to her own truth and innate gifts through which she shares to support others in discovering their own inner truths that they may sing their song and dance their dance.

She believes that world peace begins in the home, and that home is within. Her passion is women’s work and she sees that as women connect to their own bodies, hearts, wombs and ignite the ancient feminine fire of wisdom within, this healing energy radiates out through the collective.

Davana is a certified wellness practitioner, incorporating, herbalism, aromatherapy, movement, breathwork, shadow work, womb work, vocal activation, and energy healing.

She facilitates Women’s Circles, and works 1:1 with women and men. Her inspiration is rooted in the timeless teaching: to be present and to live with love and open our hearts to see the divine in ourselves, in all Beings, and in all moments.

She is also a new mother living in Dana Point California with her son Cairo, and husband Aubert.

Davana will be sharing Flower and Flow: Yoga + Aromatherapy