Odissi Classical Indian Temple Dance with Halo Seronko

Dance of the DivineOdissi is a Classical Indian Dance form with roots in the Jugannath and Krishna Temples of Orissa, India.
It is a dance of grace, beauty, power and most importantly, devotion. Yogic in origin, it’s postures and mudras open the bodies energetic pathways while subtle movements activate the primary energy centers, or chakras. Odissi is an exquisitely postural dance form, which harmonizes masculine and feminine energies in the body through the strong footwork softened by flowing torso, wrist and eye movements. It is a dance of expression, where the dancer literally embodies different archetypal energies through Bhava, or emotion. Odissi, in it’s highest expression, is a Bhakti (devotional) yoga with the goal to lead us into the light of Moksha (liberation) through our seamless merging with the Divine.
In this workshop we will:
*Explore the history and theory of Odissi Dance
*Learn the opening prayer, foundational movements and most prominent Mudras of Odissi Dance
*Begin Odissi basic steps
*Sample a section of Odissi choreography



21Halo Seronko considers Taoism to be the root of her spirituality, the system from where she began her spiritual and energetic quest studying with her father in her early teens. She has since studied multiple lineages in the Taoist tradition, and has combined many threads from her father, as well as Mantak Chia over the last decade, during which she has practiced Taoist female sexual energy cultivation with the Jade Egg for 9 years and been teaching for 4 years.

Halo is the founder of Shakti Temple Arts through which she offers this work along with Tantra Yoga, Temple Dance, and Sacred Feminine Self Care practices. Her mission with Shakti Temple Arts is to offer keys to unlocking the soul’s yearning for expression of it’s innate divinity in THIS life, and in THIS body through these time tested lineages of embodiment, consciousness, health and beauty practices.