Dana Cayuela

Dana is a Medicine Woman, Curandera, Sanadora and an Empath.
She received her calling at a very young age to follow the path of The Divine Feminine. Curisioty was her main leading. Being a small child she discovered that she had been leaded through dreams and intuition by her ¨abuelas¨ (ancestors lineage) to walk and learn the Moon Mysteries Tradition.
Dana grew up and lives in Guatemala in a small magical town called Antigua Guatemala, that receives thousands of tourists from around the globe, it was the first colonial city of Guatemala after been invaded by the Spaniards, it is a valley surrounded by mountains and three volcanos, Agua (Water Volcano), Acatenango and Fuego (Fire Volcano) which is active and splits fire almost every morning. She believes that all this is an example of how Maya Cosmology is been shown through physical manifestation.
She lives there with her two sons and her husband.

Dana studied Ancient Religions, Plastic, Experimental & Graphic Arts, Economy & Management of Businesses Symbology, Kabbalah, Quantum and Metaphysics, Ancestral Psychology and a variety of themes she is immersed into.
She continues studying and learning about The Mayan Living Lineages in her country, the Cosmogony and Traditions, and working with artisan families to sell their products outside the Highlands of Guatemala.
You can follow the Instagram account that show their work @coyotecreek.guatemala