Cyclical Body: Menstrual, Moon & Earth Rhythms

In this class we look at the brilliance of our own physiology. Tracking the intimate hormonal dance of the menstrual cycle, we’re taken on a journey of creation, guided by a cyclical wisdom that we all know in our bones yet may have forgotten in our minds. We break down the menstrual cycle into four distinct yet overlapping phases that expand & contract much like the rhythm of the moon and the seasons of the earth.

We look first at the main hormonal events that undergird the ovarian and uterine cycle that we call the menstrual cycle – making sure that each person participating leaves with a better understanding of just what is happening in these resilient bodies of ours. From this physiologic foundation we can begin to map out the more subtle elements of each phase of the cycle; emotional, spiritual, energetic, archetypal, etc. so that we can fully participate in this creative rhythm moving through us, and honor, meet and care for ourselves appropriately in each unique phase.

Ultimately this creates the context for us to remember and understand on a deeper level that we are woven into the greater cycles of nature, and held within a cyclical, pulsating, expanding and contracting universe, moving with the same rhythms that move through our own bodies. The wisdom of the moon and earth live inside these bodies, we contain cosmos! As we reclaim this cyclical wisdom, there’s an undeniable sense that our ancestors, all of our ancestors, at some point in time lived by these cycles.


Cyclical Body: Menstrual, Moon & Earth Rhythms will be offered by Marissa Correia.