Cycle Charting: Natural Birth Control & Easeful Conception

Cycle Charting: Natural Birth Control & Easeful Conception

As people with wombs, we have an incredible guide in the menstrual cycle. This class is an invitation to a deeper understanding of our cycles and our fertility through direct engagement. Fertility awareness is a method of tracking and interpreting our cycles to prevent or achieve pregnancy as well as to gain “body literacy” – the self-knowledge received from observing scientifically proven signs of fertility and infertility. This class will introduce you to the Justisse Method of Fertility Awareness and how to use this method for natural birth control or to increase your chances of conception or to simply know your body better.

The Justisse Method uses cervical mucus observations along with basal body temperature to determine times of infertility and fertility. We will review the fantastic workings of our bodies throughout the menstrual cycle, learn the signs of fertility and infertility, and discuss why the menstrual cycle is the 5th vital sign of the female body.

This class will help you answer questions like: What’s this white stuff in my underwear? Can I get pregnant at any time? How do I know I’m ovulating? Where’s my period? Is this the rhythm method (no, is the answer)? What’s the cervix do anyway? Why didn’t I know this before?!

Fertility awareness can be relevant to your life regardless of your current birth control method, partnership status, sexual orientation, or gender identity. Those currently using hormonal birth control but desiring more are encouraged to attend. You will leave this class with a new understanding and appreciation for our fertility as a part of the health of our whole body.


Vienna Farlow will be sharing Cycle Charting: Natural Birth Control & Easeful Conception.