Cyanotype Silk Bandanas

Cyanotype Silk Bandanas

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Cyanotype utilizes the reactivity of iron and sunshine. It is one of the oldest photographic printing techniques, and is an incredible medium for capturing nature—as the process often reflects the images themselves. It also embraces natures unpredictability and allows chance to have a say in our expression.

This class will walk through the printing process from start to finish. We will explore it’s history as a tool in science and architecture, and how it became an expressive outlet for earth-inclined folk.

We will gather plants we want to enshrine in a deep blue exposure, and each sister will leave with a high-quality silk bandana with an image of their choosing. If you are interested in capturing a photograph on silk, you can bring a negative image printed on transparency film.

Alyssa Oddi will be teaching Cultivating Creative Practice, and Cyanotype Silk Bandanas