Culturing Your Vessel and Soul

In this workshop we will gather together and discuss the ancient traditions of fermenting or culturing foods around the world, how these superfoods are medicine to our body, mind, and soul, and discover how un-intimidating and magical the experience of making our own medicinal foods can be. You’ll each take home recipes and a jar of your own beautiful custom culturing veggies, and feel more connected to the powerful cultures of your being.

As a Functional Medicine wellness coach who specializes in getting to the deeper roots of dis-ease like chronic digestive issues, autoimmunity, hormone imbalances, low mood and energy, and so forth, bringing these ancient healing foods into her clients lives has become a staple of healing and reconnection with their cultural lineage of inner healers.

“Tending to our own health of body and mind is one of the greatest acts of service we can offer to those we love, our community, and the earth. It is when we are thriving that we can truly shine and inspire more light in this world.” CB


Culturing Your Vessel and Soul will be shared by Colleen Baxter